In the collection of ANATOMICA, which has a vintage sensibility based on classics, it stands out for its understated design while being faithful to the basics. It is felt that the designer's deep concern for clothes is reflected in the details of the clothes, the brand's philosophy that places importance on the production quality of clothes. Aren't we attracted to a brand philosophy based on anatomy?

DOVER is a classic design duffel coat made of original wool fabric to provide excellent warmth, and a rope and toggle fastening shows high perfection. It is composed of two large outer pockets to provide ample storage space. Metal buttons are used on the hood to add uniqueness to the classic silhouette, and bold line details are added to the outline finish line. It is a standard item with a relaxed fit that can be used in various looks and is a product that can feel the essence of classic and minimalistic sensibility.

WOOL 100%

It is a brand established by the founder PIERRE FOURNIER in 1994, starting with a shop called the origin of a modern select shop called 'GLOBE', an original supremacist in Paris in 1975, followed by HEMISPHERE as an extension. Inspired by the study of 'fit' and the history of Western menswear, his collections are built from the natural anatomy of the human body. His philosophy is inspired by "anatomical clothing" for the human body and faithfully reproduces the characteristics of traditional work or military uniforms.

ANATOMICA, which means 'anatomy', has a philosophy of exploring the human body and producing clothing that can be worn for a long time. Unlike the rapidly changing fashion market, without losing the most basic attitude to the essential concept of 'make things', it is characterized by producing high-quality clothing-like clothing.

In 2008, the PIERRE FOURNIER met the fateful community of KINJI TERAMOTO, who is well versed in vintage. The two were destined to collaborate, planning the first denim, and producing WAKOUWA, which joined canvas sneakers to a non-slip sole, and made a new leap while solidifying the brand's position.

It can be said that “Anato Mica is far from a trend-conscious brand.” It is a brand attracting more attention with its high evaluation and confidence in manufacturing quality.


*TIP! :
This product is released in a regular fit.
Please check the actual measurement for detailed size.



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