Auralee spring 2015.
It started with Iwai Ryota, a designer who has accumulated experience as a patterner and designer for various brands, and created an ideal material under the concept of pursuing the really good material that he thinks. In fact, it is said that he starts making materials as a starting point by changing the design method and order differently, and he works separately for spinning fibers and threads depending on the product. That's why you can feel that material is the most important thing in his design philosophy.

With such a focus on finding the best materials, all the materials used in the collection are developed and knitted directly in our factories in Japan to produce high-quality fabrics. Based on high technology, we produce items that bring out the individuality of sophisticated and standout materials, and complete the collection by producing stylish clothes that express Auralee's unique creativity, high quality, and subtle colors. We hope that you will meet Auralee's collection, which provides a soft feel in a relaxed atmosphere based on a simple design, aiming for clothes that can be worn every day and for a long time, rather than clothes that are never worn only for one season.

SUPER AIRY WOOL KNIT P/O is a nitro woven fabric made of wool, which has undergone a special dyeing process and boasts a luxurious color, and its unique soft touch provides a comfortable fit. It features a raglan shoulder line and natural draping, and a relaxed body line provides a comfortable fit. The hem and sleeve hem line are finished with a dense ribbed weave to provide a more stable form. We expect a harmonious match to various styles with a design sufficient to feel a solid texture and a minimalist mood.

WOOL 100%


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Size Chart

(cm) 어깨(A) 가슴(B) 소매(C) 총장(D)
S (3) R 55 74 66
M (4) R 57 75 67
L (5) R 59 76 68