BARACUTA originated in Manchester, the industrial center of the northwest of England. The brothers JOHN and ISAAC MILLER developed a brand based on raincoats for UK's high rainfall and humid air.

By the 1930's, the MILLER brothers formally launched BARACUTA as an independent brand, and produced a unique style of clothing, each using an alphanumeric code name. The G9 jacket, well known as the Harrington jacket, was first produced by the company BARACUTA in 1937, and the following year the MILLER brothers also added a design element by adding a tartan check to the lining of the jacket.

ISAAC MILLER began exporting BARACUTA to the United States and Canada, and wearing G9 jackets such as Elvis Presley and Steve McQueen, which began to become very popular. Popularity continued through subcultures such as MODs, SCOOTER BOY and punk, and many men still love this classic jacket.



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