BEHEAVYER, launched in 2015, is a South Korean-based menswear brand that started as a “perfume bottle” that nostalgic for the past. Perfume can be a comforting tool in a time of greatest need in today's fast-changing society. It reminds us of precious times, makes us resistant to change, and becomes a driving force for coping with the future.

The goal of BEHEVE is to create clothes that remain as someone's nostalgia, not just a simple garment, and we strive to create values that do not change over the years. In order to form a unique culture of behavior, we are not limited to one genre, but are inspired by the past clothes of various genres such as classic, military, outdoor, and sportswear and reinterpreted them in a modern way. Taking advantage of the strengths of past clothing, it is expressed in various sensibility with modern silhouettes and fabrics so that it can be easily worn not only for outdoor activities but also for daily life.

SWEAT PANTS is a sweatpants made of 910g cotton, which was developed in-house to enhance the volume. It is woven with a high-density knitting method of 20'S 2 ply, which gives a soft touch and firm texture. The tube pattern without side cutouts is applied for a comfortable fit even in high-motion activities, and there is a band to hold the waist and a string inside, so you can adjust the size just right. It is designed with a long length to create natural wrinkles at the ankle, and minimized shrinkage through submerged tumble wash processing to ensure shape retention.




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XS (0) 30~43 33 33 12~17 103
M (2) 32~45 34 35 13~18 105
L (3) 34~47 35 37 14~19 107