When I look at the clothes of this brand, the adjective 'light' comes to mind. Bright colors with high saturation, rough finish and untied details, lookbook photos of various age groups, and their natural expressions and poses. These kinds of clothes break the prejudice that people don't wear and redefine the act of wearing clothes. Good clothes should be worn by everyone. KEYCORD is made of wax-coated cotton with a stiff and smooth texture and a flat design. The interior is divided into two compartments, with silver-tone fasteners and white piping on the rim of the product. The hook for hanging the key looks good to hang other accessories. It is recommended to use it as a point item as it is a vivid color with high saturation.


Camiel Fortgens BV is a brand based in Amsterdam. Born in Amsterdam, Camiel Fortgens graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) in 2014. Not attending fashion school, he was able to see the world without stereotypes and build a brand by making clothes in a way that is different from others. Camiel Fortgens establishes their own image and philosophy, constantly questioning what we think is common. Discover wearable items that are not overly stylish by reconstructing the shape, fabric and details of clothes, but still retain their raw charm.



Camiel Fortgens

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