Introducing COLECOLE's flip flops, shoes you want to wear freely with a light body and mind. I'm back with a more colorful palette for the 2022 spring/summer season. Enjoy your summer days with COLECOLE, even if your instep is tanned according to the shape of the strap. WE ALWAYS WEAR COLECOLE!

NEW WAVE is a flip-flop featuring attractive colors and a unique tabi design. The insole and outsole feature a wave pattern inspired by beach waves to prevent slipping. The rubber and EVA foam synthetic material designed thicker than the flip flops on the market boasts excellent cushioning and comfortable fit. The COLECOLE logo on the upper and outsole is the point, and it is good for everyday life or travel anywhere.

There may be differences depending on the shape of the individual foot
If you have wide feet, we recommend one size up.

Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, there may be slight size differences for each individual.

When worn while sweating or with foot cream or Vaseline applied
Please note that there may be otitis.

The package is sent randomly in one of two types, both of which are the same product.

COLECOLE began with the energetic idea of model and designer ARNALDO CAMBO, based on Rockaway Beach, New York in 2021. He wanted other people to experience the relaxation of seeing the sunset on the surfboard, sharing friendly greetings with those he met, riding a skateboard together. Through simple and small items, he wanted to keep the community alive and lively, expressing the freedom, art and romance he felt.

COLECOLE is introducing flip-flops that anyone can enjoy with a simple design featuring tabi details. The motif of the beach was 'Cole Cole', which preserves Chile's original natural beauty. There is the sea sparkling in the sunlight, the sound of the waves when you close your eyes, and the freedom to be infinitely pure. The brand name, 'COLECOLE', contains the heart of designer ARNALDO, who wants us to have a free and enjoyable day every day.




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