Designer Daiki Suzuki was heavily influenced by American clothing culture and created Engineered Garments, a harmonious mix of classic American and Japanese special aesthetics. We are launching products of unparalleled quality by reflecting the opinions of pattern makers who insisted that every part of clothes be carefully observed and designed.

Classical tailoring, sportswear, workwear, military uniforms, and other outstanding American products of the old era that have already disappeared are redesigned through dismantling and reconstruction. We value the unique individuality of American-made products that are completely different from the sewing quality of Italy and Japan, and we present products that are truly American, such as silhouettes that are not only beautiful, but also practical aspects, such as old-fashioned wrinkles and shrinkage.

LINER JACKET is a modified design of the inner jacket used in US military uniforms, leaving detailed elements that can actually be combined with the outer skin on the sleeve hem line. The front is finished with a closure with a mix of snaps and buttons, and the hood, which is easy to adjust the silhouette with a string, is detachable, so you can create a variety of looks. The side pocket is made of an open type connected to the inner pocket, and the lining is reinforced with a thin filling material to increase the warmth.

100% NYLON


*TIP! :
This product is released in a loose size.
Please check the actual measurement for detailed size.


Engineered Garments

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