A combination of structural beauty and storytelling. IYSO is back with a collection inspired by images of water and old electronics for the 2022 spring/summer season. It harmoniously blended with the layered pattern of the shoes, which represents the 'grain' of the brand identity. Like the vegetable leather used in the shoes, Iso's uniqueness seems to be getting stronger as time goes by.

HALO (MINERAL) is a vintage pack item of Halo that has been upgraded for this spring and summer season. The mineral color is inspired by the image of water, one of the elements of Mother Nature, one of the main concepts of Iso. The color of water expressed in old American posters and commercial films, and the peaceful and gentle image of water expressed in the works of David Hockney and Yoshigo were captured in tone on tone. Meet Halo, a vintage sneaker that has been reborn as a vintage sneaker with a warm-toned mineral-colored cowhide and natural leather, a double mesh upper and a clean white EVA midsole, a thin and long shoelace, an elongated toe design, and a lightweight texture with minimal padding.


The 'Sculpture Hill' pattern is a device that strongly expresses the brand's identity. As time passes, due to the nature of the material, the ends become rolled up, revealing the natural texture and color of vegetable leather.

The outsole 'Layer Trek' plays a big role in completing Iso's unique silhouette. The cushioning is strengthened by structurally stacking layers based on the part of the sole that touches the ground first. In addition, the layered layers represent the architecturally beautiful skeleton and 'grain', the brand's concept.

IYSO, founded in 2019 and presented its first collection in June 2020, reconstructs the frame of shoe design by realizing a virtual world through the inspiration of 'texture'. Rooted in nature, industrial design, and architectural style, it aims to create a progressive fashion culture that reduces the sense of incongruity between generations by combining shoe archives derived from sports and military and modern sneaker culture.


*TIP! :
It was released with a tighter fit compared to general sneakers.
It is recommended to wear shoes 5 to 10 mm larger.



$148.00 ( $148.00 discount)



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