MAGLIANO was founded in 2016 by designer LUCA MAGLIANO. Born in Bologna, Italy, he started his own label at the age of 20 and won “WHO'S ON NEXT” at PITTI UOMO in 2017. It is expressed on the premise of breaking down the basic form of clothes by revealing cutting and sewing techniques. expresses and creates an emotional and romantic anthropology through all emotional phenomena triggered or stimulated by

The idea or style inspired by Frankenstein is felt in the design, expressing the world of art where an unrealistic mood in realism is felt.

His outfits embody the identity of '90s Italy, and it all starts with the great classics. Not only the brand's decisive attitude, but also the high evaluation of manufacturing quality, it is a brand that is attracting more attention in the future.

SILK 100%

VAGABONDO BAG is made of silk material with Deadstock Foulards and Lifesaver graphic patterns all over it, and a leather handle that comfortably wraps your hand. The section is divided into two storage spaces, and the lining of the storage space is made of mesh material and can be closed with a drawstring. The harmony of unique and irregular patterns and the rough stretched fit make it a sensible and vintage item.


Why don't you go one step ahead in styling with MAGLIANO, a brand recommended by IAMSHOP?

Every season, Mariano logo knit and cardigan products are established as standard items.
Its unique dreamy yet elegant silhouette is loved by many fashionistas.
Style ahead of others with shirts made of flexible materials and tracksuits, a steady-seller line for this 23SS season.

EDITOR PICK : We recommend a sexy coordination this spring through shirts using flexible materials.



$833.50 ( $833.50 discount)



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