Maison Margiela is a fashion house founded in 1988 by designer Martin Margiela.

After graduating from the Royal Academy of Andwerp in 1980 and working as Jean Paul Gaultier's assistant for three years, Martin Margiela founded his own label in 1988. He pursues a radical new approach that Japanese designers started 10 years ago (at that time), creating and marketing existing clothes with intentionally unfinished collections such as Frayed Hems and Inverted Seams. I tore the way to pieces.

“Fashion is not art. It is a craft that the wearer explores and enjoys: 'technical know-how'.”

One of the most influential fashion designers of our time, Martin Margiela's remarkable thing is that he has never been photographed for an interview or for the media, because he wanted the clothes Margiela's own team to make known.

Margiela emphasizes anonymity. A blank label, four white stitches exposed to the outside of the garment. Although it is a brand that has resisted with very experimental and bold images and expressions in the existing fashion market, it does not end with just provocative and negative actions, and is consistently loved by many fashion people.

The MM6 line is Maison Margiela's diffusion line. It features a lineup full of details and contrasting layered looks based on a deconstructive concept. By replacing some of the old clothes with something new, they break the boundaries with the main line, Maison Margiela, and present a collection that keeps the spirit of innovation in mind.

HIGH-WAISTED TAILORED SKIRT is made using a soft textured cotton & elastane blend material, and it is an item that reinterprets the existing formal skirt with a conceptual design unique to MM6 MAISON MARGIELA. With a cut-off hem and a unique pattern configuration, you can feel the brand's unique deconstructive details to the fullest, creating a sensuous look with a sophisticated yet unique silhouette.



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MM6 Maison Margiela

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