The brand Reproduction of Pound, which started in 2016, is a new brand that develops sneakers based on the world's military training shoes, and the place in charge of production is a factory in Slovakia that actually handles military training shoes from the 1950s to the 70s. The directing is handled by a designer with a good knowledge of vintage archives, and it is characterized by an original military-like calm look that omits any corporate logos and decorations. It is a brand with a sincere attitude that is thoroughly faithful to 'orthodox', such as specifying national solidarity and revealing the design source. Focusing on military items, we search for universal items that transcend the times and recreate them in a modern way using more luxurious materials than at that time.

The 1700L REMASTERING SHARK SOLE is a collaboration with various artists such as Virgil Abloh, and the brand Perker, which is making a new history in custom sneakers, has been loved since 2016 for its universal design that transcends the times. This is a model developed through collaboration. The 1700L GERMAN MILITARY TRAINER model, a steady seller of Reproduction of Pound, has been reborn with Perker's technology. Perker's craftsmanship is contained in the Vibram outsole, which is sewn stitch by stitch without compromising the original design of the shoe, so that it can be worn for a long time. The outsole with an architectural structure adds attractive grip and dynamic and rhythmic charm. It is an item that combines the suede overlay details of the 1700L GERMAN MILITARY TRAINER model, the simple and minimal design, and the perfection of Perker's handmade work. You can check out the collaboration label between IM Shop and Perker placed on the upper, and the model can only be found at IM Shop Hyundai Department Store Pangyo Branch.

The collaboration product of Perker and Reproduction of Pound is
Available in two colors, white and light beige
Outsole that matches each color
Each exhibits a different charm.



$588.60 ( $588.60 discount)



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