REPRODUCTION OF FOUND : German Military Trainer 1700L (LIGHT YELLOW)

Brand Reproduction of Pound, which started in 2016, is a new brand that develops sneakers based on military training shoes in the world. This is a factory in Slovakia that handles. Directing is in charge of a designer with a good knowledge of vintage archives. It is a brand with a sincere attitude that is thoroughly faithful to 'orthodox', such as specifying the country's age and revealing the design source. We find universal items and reproduce them in a modern way using more luxurious materials than at that time.

GERMAN MILITARY TRAINER 1700L is made of ITALY COWHIDE and features a soft touch and luxurious atmosphere. BW SPORTS outsole is used to maintain originality and is reinterpreted in a modern way to provide high durability and functionality. Suede overlay details were added to the toe, which is easy to wear, and pigskin leather with excellent waterproofness and ventilation was used for the lining. The outsole made of flexible, high-elasticity rubber increases traction. Excluding unnecessary details, it presents a clean and simple design and a clean silhouette. It is a sneaker that can be approached by anyone regardless of gender with a familiar and comfortable atmosphere.

*Styling Tips! :
As an item that digests various styling, you can enjoy a wide spectrum of styling without boundaries, from casual to classic.

*Check! :
Please be careful with brightly colored socks that are easy to transfer.

*Size Tip! :
The ball of the foot is sharp and the erection is made long.
The size guide and the size of the bw sports outsole are different.
The sizes inside the box and product are listed in Italian sizes, please check the guide below for detailed sizes.

MADE IN slovakia



$289.80 ( $289.80 discount)



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Size Chart

37 (230)38 (240)39 (245)
41 (250)42 (260)43 (270)44 (280)45 (290)
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37 (240)38 (245)39 (250)
41 (265)42 (270)43 (275)44 (285)45 (295)