TOYS McCOY (Toy's McCoy) is a Japanese American casual brand founded in 1996 by OKAMOTO HIROSHI (Hiroshi Okamoto), who made his name known as a pioneer of vintage fashion and American casual culture, starting with Japan's first reproduction of vintage flight jackets.

In 1987, Hiroshi Okamoto traveled to the United States in search of the American A-2 flight jacket worn by Steve McQueen in the movie “The Great Escape” he watched as a child. After returning home with a variety of flight jackets for about a year, he produced a limited 300 A-2 flight jackets in the POPEYE special feature, which was sold out at the time of reservation, and the following year, in 1988, he became a founding member of THE REAL MCCOY.
After leaving Real McCoy, he devoted himself to detailing while producing figures for his idol, Stephen McQueen. TOYS McCOY started when people wanted it to be clothes that they could actually wear.

Toys McCoy develops various collections of old American vintage styles such as military, motorcycle, and workwear, focusing on high-quality flight jackets that also consider functionality, rather than reproduction replicas of vintage items, and reinterprets silhouettes, materials, and details in a modern way. We are presenting unique items.
Based on the original, but not just a simple reproduction, the line adds the reality of Toys McCoy, and you can feel the completeness of the product that pursues more than vintage. The collection released every season is a custom that goes beyond reality and a design that is finished with sincerity one by one. It shows a work of art with the details of

100% WOOD

TOYS MCCOY WOOD AHNGER SET is a hanger made of natural wood and carefully polished until it has a soft curve. Durable and thick hangers are essential for clothes that use hangers, such as leather products or heavy outerwear. The smooth surface and thick shoulder line ensure stable storage and prevent the garment from collapsing. TOYS McCOY's logo is engraved, making it a highly collectible item and consists of a total of 3 sets. You can experience neat and stable clothing storage just by changing the hangers in the closet.




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