'YOUTH' is one word that represents youth and youth. Youth is not afraid of challenges or uncertainty. Pursuing the essence of minimalism in various designs, practical details are melted throughout the clothing. It is made with a relaxed silhouette for various layering, and aims for clothes that can be worn out of the closet for a long time based on high-level workmanship and raw materials that are revealed even in simplicity.

'YOUTH' has a fashion that can answer the concerns of consumers who want to buy the clothes they really need. We propose stable clothes that can be worn for a long time, not clothes that are easily worn and discarded. We are trying to design a fit and detail that can be worn for a long time with a design that takes advantage of the versatility of styling, breaking away from products limited to the season.

We remove unnecessary details and create apparel that pays attention to details such as the balance of silhouette and length, calculated styling when layering, and high-quality materials.

Nylon 60% Polyester 40%
Cow Leather 100%

RuckSack is an item that features new metal subsidiary materials this season. All iron-type subsidiary materials used are designed to fit the brand mood through nickel satin processing, and the brand logo is engraved in the center of the inner pocket. Practicality is added with three-dimensional pockets on both sides of the front. The outer fabric of the bag is a nylon-poly blend fabric, making it a lightweight backpack. The length of the bag strap can be adjusted through the eyelet hole of the pin buckle, and the wide Italian cowhide shoulder strap is designed to be comfortable for long-term wear.

TIP! :
Scratches, dots, and wrinkles may occur during the working process, and as this is a phenomenon caused by the nature of the leather itself, it cannot be a reason for exchange or return.




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